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01 April 2019Istanbul Tour
07 May 2018Berlin Tour

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Istanbul Tour

The 5-day tour of Istanbul showed us many things. Predominantly the skyline with its towering Mosques and Minarets which formed, in many cases a stunning backdrop to contrast a busy, overcrowded and traffic congested city.   We weren’t surprised to hear with a population over 15 million residents, Istanbul is one of the world’s most popular cities. Because of this we had to walk to see some of Istanbul’s top sights.  

The highlights were The Church of St Sophia, and  Mosques  Suleymaniye, Sultanahmet and Nusretiye.  All truly amazing with Ottoman influences decorated with a wide range of floral geometric tile designs dominated by bright blue, gold and red.  A private Bosphorus cruise although sunny, was cooler on deck than expected but relaxing as the boat passed water-side residences including some of the old palaces, together with modern private homes and luxurious hotels.

The covered Grand Bazaar and spice markets gave us time for retail-therapy; some of us, among other things, bought essential equipment for a Turkish bath, while others just enjoyed the atmosphere.  Finding a way through the maze of narrow alleys was a different matter.

Who would be in Turkey without a Turkish carpet? On our last day we spent time seeing how they were made/woven with the most complicated designs to incorporate such delightful colours.

A more detailed report of the visit, complete with pictures, will be displayed at a later meeting.


Di Fearnehough-Visits Secretary