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02 May 2019Spinning Plates
22 March 2019The Theatre Royal York: Past, Present and Future
22 November 2018Chippendale in Great Houses of Yorkshire
22 February 2018Mozart Operas

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Spinning Plates Lars Tharp Thursday 02 May 2019

Spinning Plates-Lars Tharp
Study Day Thursday 2nd May 2019

The Arts society looked forward to Lars coming to lead our Study Day on ceramics. We had two morning lectures dealing with the progression of china in Europe and especially from the Far East. Ships went with cargo to China and china was used as ballast for the ships coming home. Lars talked about the different styles and fashions of china particularly those used in the great houses of UK and Europe. He particularly mentioned Dresden and the great Meissen factory. He is escorting a tour there next year and I know one of our ladies has booked to go. It should be informative and good fun knowing Lars’ wonderful sense of humour!

   After lunch we had our own road show when Lars studied the objects we had brought. I had brought a vase which as part of a pair was not worth much in spite of all the effort to produce it. 0ne lady’s dish was worth over £2000 – inherited from her grandmother. Mostly the china we brought was now considered out of fashion.

  Everyone enjoyed the day and look forward to Lars coming again in January for our double lecture. We presented him with a toy for his new dog Freddie. The toy now rejoices in the name Sheffie.

Sheila Dunstan - Study Day Secretary