The Arts Society provides children and young people with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. Our work with young people builds a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of arts heritage and its conservation. 


XUEZE ZHANG. who likes to be called by her English friends Frigga, comes from China and is a student at the University of Hallam studying Silver and Metalwork. Her work has been selected by Museums Sheffield and the University of Hallam as the 2018 winner of the Silver Bursary given by The Arts Society Sheffield.  She has designed her piece with Antonio Carluccio in mind. He loved cooking which the pot represents and he also loved to whittle sticks, which is shown by the cheese cutter and also represents his love of cheese.

Frigga will be presented with the Bursary of £400 on Wednesday 6th March at 11.30 in the Millennium Galleries and The Arts Society Sheffield send their congratulations. The work will be exhibited in the foyer area near the Millennium Galleries cafe.  Other previous pieces can been seen in the Silverware collection.

Another student is in the process of being chosen for 2019 and the project will be Designing for a Good Future.  The students must take into consideration the well being of one of the following:

* Environment – sustainability

* Social – society

* Mind – mental health

* Body – physical health

There may be crossovers in these themes.

The design will be called ‘Future Domestic’ a modest silver vessel or serving implement suitable for purpose in 2074

The Arts Society Sheffield has supported the Silver Bursary since 2004 originally with NE Area and The Arts Society Hallamshire but since 2016 The Arts Society Sheffield has continued as sole supporter.


We are very pleased that Sheffield has another winner in the joint competition organised for A Level pupils by The Arts Society and The Royal Society of British Artists.  Abigail Morton of Sheffield Girls School, formerly the High School, was chosen as a winner out of 247 works submitted by 36 Societies.

Abigail will receive a Star Certificate and the other 6 entries from Meadowhead School and 8 entries from Sheffield Girls School will receive an RBA entry certificate.

Abigail’s picture ‘Parents’ will be exhibited at the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL), St James, London W1 from Friday 26 April to Sunday 19 June and then at the RBA’s annual show at the Mall Galleries from Thursday 4 July to Sunday 14 July 2019.