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21 November 2019Ruby - The King of Gems
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16 April 2020David Devant, England's Greatest Magician - All done with Kindness
21 May 2020Genius of Antonio Stradivari 
18 June 2020Krakow - "The City of the Dragon"

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Ruby - The King of Gems Joanna Hardy Thursday 21 November 2019

Joanna Hardy began as a goldsmith before working as a rough diamond grader for De Beers. Then became one of the first women to be a polished diamond dealer in Antwerp and then joined Philips the Auctioneers in London. She moved on to Sotheby’s and is a regular jewellery specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow.    

This lecture will take you to the ancient mines of Burma, along the Chinese silk trading routes to European courts and palaces, where rubies have decorated royalty and the elite.