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20 June 2019The Golden age of British Watercolour
19 September 2019Mad Men and the Artists-how the advertising industry has exploited fine art
17 October 2019PM: Convents and Courtesans-Womens' lives in pre-modern Venice
17 October 2019AM: Dante's Divine Comedy - Otherworld Images from the Masters
21 November 2019Ruby - The King of Gems
16 January 2020PM: The Good, The Bad and the Guggley - My lifetime in Pots
16 January 2020AM: Man and Boy - My thirty years on the Antiques Roadshow…and beyond
20 February 2020Tantrums and Tiaras at the Royal Opera House
19 March 2020Rembrandt's Vision - Dutch History painting in the 17th Century.
16 April 2020David Devant, England's Greatest Magician - All done with Kindness
21 May 2020Genius of Antonio Stradivari 
18 June 2020Krakow - "The City of the Dragon"

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The Golden age of British Watercolour Hugh Ellwood Thursday 20 June 2019

Hugh Ellwood studied philosophy in Rome, followed by a degree in architecture at the University of Manchester. Previously an architect partner with Building Design Partnership. A watercolourist who has lectured extensively.

Watercolour is almost uniquely a British phenomenon.