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19 March 2020Rembrandt's Vision - Dutch History painting in the 17th Century.
16 April 2020David Devant, England's Greatest Magician - All done with Kindness
21 May 2020Genius of Antonio Stradivari 
18 June 2020Krakow - "The City of the Dragon"

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Rembrandt's Vision - Dutch History painting in the 17th Century. Sophie Oosterwijk Thursday 19 March 2020

Sophie Oosterwijk was born in Gouda (Netherlands). Has an MA and PhD in English Literature (Leiden), an MA in Medieval Studies (York) and a PhD in Art History (Leicester). Has taught at universities, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, National Trust, V&A. She is also a regular lecturer for Cambridge University. Numerous publications. 

‘History painting’ was a special genre for a distinct clientele in the Dutch Republic. It depicted stories from  the Bible and Antiquity but it could also provide an excuse for depicting the female nude. Trained in history painting by Pieter Lastman, Rembrandt gradually developed his own interpretations. His visions can still move or disturb us